Girls’ Cup

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Sunday, 19 May 2024 and
Monday, 20 May 2024


1. The 20th edition of the Girls’ Cup will be played on Sunday 19 and Monday 20 of May 2024. The exact timetable can be consulted at

2. Only female players born in 2006, 2007 and after (under 18) are authorized to participate in the tournament.

a) For the qualification round, 10 participating teams are divided in 2 groups of 5 teams each, every team playing against every other team of its group.
b) For the little semi-finals, the third of group A will then play against the fourth of group B, the third of group B will meet the fourth of group A.
c) For the semi-finals. the winner of group A will then play against the second of group B, the winner of group B will meet the second of group A.
d) Both fifth placed teams of group A and B will play for places 9 and 10,
e) Both losers of the little semi-finals will play for places 7 and 8,
f) Both winners of the little semi-finals will play for places 5 and 6,
g) Both losers of the semi-finals will play for places 3 and 4,
h) Both winners of the semi-finals will play the final.

3. The tournament will be played with Ball size 2. The use of glue is allowed, but no depots.

4. The game time of all the games will be 1 x 20 minutes without a break and without a TTO, except for the final, which will be 2 x 15 minutes with a break of 5 minutes. One TTO will be permitted in the final per team.

5. The time will only be stopped for injuries, a suspension and red card.

6. All the games will be under control of referees of the Luxembourg Handball Federation (FLH) in presence of a delegate.

7. The classification of both groups will be made as follows:

=> 2 points for a victory
=> 1 point for a draw
=> 0 points for a defeat

If one or more teams have the same number of points, they will be separated:

a) By the goal-difference of the only tied teams among one another
b) By the higher amount of goals scored from matches of the only tied teams among one another
c) By the higher goal-difference in the whole qualification round
d) By the higher amount of all goals scored
e) If there is still a draw, there will be decision by lot under the supervision of one delegate of each implicated team and one delegate of the organizing team.

8. If there is a draw at the end of any final-round match (semi-finals and places 1-10), there will be penalty shooting in order to determinate the winning team.

a) Each team nominates 5 players and fixes the order in which they will act
b) A first series of penalties will be shot alternately by the five designed players of each team.
c) If there is still a draw after the first series, there will be as many series of one penalty (in the same order as sub a) as necessary to determinate the winner.

9. The tournament will be played in compliance with the regulations of the FLH and the EHF.

10. The teams have to register at the official table five minutes before every match.

11. It is mandatory to present the players eligibility papers (passport or players-pass) before the start of the tournament.

12. Per game, it is only allowed, to have 16 players on the match report.

13. It is not allowed, to change players between A and B teams.

14. After the tournament the best player and the best goalkeeper will be elected by the coaches of the different teams.

15. The organizing team declines any responsibility in case of accident or theft before, during or after the tournament.

16. Uprising problems not treated in the present regulations will be solved by the organizing team to the best of its knowledge and belief.

17. Participation in the tournament implies acceptance of these rules.


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